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Home IT Support

Setting up your home computer system with modem, router and home network is simple right? Wrong – and that’s why our customers love us!

Computer LifeSavers specialise in setting up simple and easy to manage systems, so whether you want to learn how to use a new computer, or connect a home network, we can help you.

Wondering what a home network includes? It’s the open and free communication of your computers with each other and the internet, whether broadband or dial-up.

Computers Lifesavers are also experts in repairs and are able to help out with immediate solutions in most cases. If not, then we will whip your system back to our off-site workshop for repairs with pick-up and delivery included in our costs.

Concerned about security? We are specialists in removing viruses and spyware, as well as keeping your system up-to-date with the best software and protection.

Does your home system or computer need a little love? Book an appointment with us online and we’ll be there quick as a flash!